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Sustainability During Financial Instability

Sustainability is an important objective toward which every company must strive; however, it is undeniably an expensive endeavor that gives long-term impacts rather than quick wins, which most business prefers. These past few years, in particular, have been challenging, with both the pandemic and the situation in Ukraine posing complex challenges. However, despite the instability during these turbulent times, there are reasons why firms must remain steadfast in their efforts toward sustainability.


Businesses’ decisions always create a significant impact, whether on a global or local scale. As such, corporate leaders must remember that their decisions and choices inevitably have a ripple effect throughout the ecosystem. In the sphere of sustainability, climate is one of the most focused topics. Now more than ever, firms, and sometimes even governments, are subject to being accountable for their climate-related actions and policies. This concern over addressing climate issues becomes more complicated in times of financial instability when CEOs and policymakers alike are more concerned with staying afloat first and foremost.


While not setting the greatest backdrop, these past few years saw the beginning of many promising developments. Investors started to see SDGs as an investment opportunity rather than a hassle or risk. In terms of finances, the money is there, but it is a matter of putting it in the right place. Allocating the available funds towards areas that need it most is the best way from which to maximize effort. Another positive outlook is increased awareness and business leadership, leading to a subsequent spike in clarity and credibility. Both aspects are fundamental to ensure that progress is long-term, of the highest quality, and sustainable in the long run.

There is still much to be done. Leaders and organizations need to remember that sustainability is an issue that needs to be prioritized, even amidst financial instability. There are many ways that organizations can begin their climate-friendly journey, even without breaking the bank. Ultimately, the most important mindset is to balance their interests and the interests of the collective good.

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