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Business Leader: the Key Solution of Quiet Quitting

In the early 2020s, a lot of people started doing something called "quiet quitting." Some people think this trend is not a common occurrence, or even that it is a new phenomenon. What exactly is it? And what can employers do to cope with this? Find out more below.


Quiet quitting refers to the act of leaving an organization without making a formal announcement or drawing attention to one's departure. The employee will do the minimum requirements of their job description without putting in more effort or enthusiasm than necessary. This results in negative consequences for both the employee and their employer. Quiet quitting may arise for various reasons, including discontent with the job or organization, a desire to explore other opportunities or a sense of being undervalued or unsupported.


Moreover, the phenomenon of quiet quitting offers managers the chance to reflect on how they may adapt to meet the demands of a changing labor market. "Quiet quitting is a natural response to feeling your employer or boss has given up on you." This entails altering how leaders connect with them and acknowledging that employees are seeking a GREAT company culture that provides a sense of purpose to them. Essentially, it is more about connecting than it is about communicating. "It's on leaders and companies to change," How can a leader ensure everyone understands where we are heading and why? Without clarification, it could make them unable to retain and make productive talent.

The idea of quiet quitting may not be anything new. But over time, it can cause massive issues for organizations. The phenomenon is the ongoing "The Great Resignation." Stopping the 'quiet quitting' trend all comes down to the leader. Reskilling and Upskilling are vital to ensure that all leaders at the organization are well-equipped to connect and engage with those employees. Not only that but by creating shared values within the organization, both the leader and other employees can feel engaged and motivated in their roles.

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