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Performance That Matter Begins with Leadership

“Unless we determine what shall be measured and what the yardstick of measurement in an area will be, the area itself will not be seen.” — Prof. Peter Drucker.

As stated by the late professor, having a suitable measurement method is key to performance improvement. However, the caveat lies in the fact that there are many different ways of measuring performance. Therefore, in the first Plenary at the 14th Global Peter Drucker Forum, discussions focused on using leadership to determine organizational success.


Being a GREAT leader requires a holistic approach and striving for a cause GREATer than oneself. This means not doing things for self-interest but for the team’s interest. It also means listening well, even if certain topics are difficult to hear. Effective communication between leaders and followers is the key to unlocking the organization’s full potential and authentic performance. According to Haiilo, the leading employee communications platform, the business with strong employee engagement demonstrated 21% higher profitability and 17% higher productivity. In other words, when leaders listen and place their trust in people, they will be able to encourage employee commitment and ownership, leading to GREATer performance of the workforce and the company alike.


With the right mindset, leaders should simplify their organizations to create GREAT impacts. Having many layers of management could result in complications or unnecessary operations. It remains impossible for large and small companies alike to tailor policies that suit every employee or circumstance. Therefore, they could focus on fewer yet more significant guidelines that most complement the core value of their business. For example, the small-sized ones tend to govern as flat organizations with more straightforward policies and prioritize their adaptability to stay resilient amidst disruptions. All in all, any businesses that thrive on getting bigger on the outside need first strengthen their organization from the inside.

While employees are empathized and the organizational structure is simplified, leaders must cultivate trustworthiness—ready to complement their team members with ideas, supports, and encouragement. With these, businesses are one step closer to realizing their goal of performance improvement; indeed, the first step to “Performance That Matters” begins with leadership.

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