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Managing Multi-Generational Workforce

Every human is born different; everyone has different tastes, lifestyles, and ways of working. This makes it inevitable for companies to have diverse employees not just in race, gender, national origin, or education level but also in various generations. Global Peter Drucker Forum 2022, therefore, contained a session on “Managing the Multi-Generational Workforce,” where global business leaders discussed working under different mindsets, styles, and beliefs.


There are five generations in today’s workforce or even in the number of workplaces around the world: Traditionalists (76 to 99 years old), Baby Boomers (57 to 75 years old), Generation X (41 to 56 years old), Millennials (26 to 40 years old), and Generation Z (25 years old and younger). Differentiation in the value of each generation might cause a dilemma in the workplace. Younger people may have a lot of ideas and want to be heard, whereas the older generation may be too attached to their beliefs.

Additionally, there exists a noticeable difference in the ways of working of Gen Z and Gen Y. According to Marine Hadengue, an executive director of Higher Education for Good Foundation and one of the speakers at the Peter Drucker Forum, 40% of gen Z people are more likely to be in one job for just a year or two. The reason for this is that they believe there will be opportunities to learn about other interests. This is a short period compared to the older generation's working period, which usually lasts much longer. Given that, the individual need of different ages vary. Hence, having something to meet the needs of each generation is good, but the company should accept and understand individual employees more.


Every company should, therefore, establish a purpose for its team members to focus on, empowering them while also facilitating their lives, such as providing learning for them to develop themselves in new ways. This can allow all races and generations to coexist and wish to stay for a long time. In fact, having a company with diversity will always bring new perspectives because every age group is essential to the organization regarding ideas, abilities, and experience. If the power of every generation is combined, it will deliver mellow results if the organization effectively manages people. One of them is ensuring that it facilitates everyone to raise their voices and be heard by active listeners.

To live together or manage all these groups of people, the key is to listen and understand them truly. People can do their best when they are truly happy, and that was the key agreed by experts at the Global Peter Drucker Forum.

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