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Innovative Culture

Organizational culture is one of the paramount factors for businesses, for a great culture will encourage people to implement the strategy. According to Innovolo, a leading research agency, 76% of companies said innovation is not focused solely on new products but the entire business model: mindset, workspace, environment, and culture. This emphasizes the importance of applying an ”Innovative Culture” in any organization.


A combination of Culture and Innovation defines innovative culture. It is an environment that supports creative thinking and advances efforts to extract value from knowledge. SEAC, a leading people's management firm, states that five traits can help build an innovative culture:

  • Curiosity: the attitude which leads to seeking new and better outcomes.

  • Learn from failures: humility to accept failures and the ability to learn from them.

  • Reward for innovative thinking: incentives for employees such as providing learning paths and achievable advantages for every stage of growth.

  • Inspiring leaders: motivators who can provide the team the flexibility to try out new things and the space to fail and learn from their mistakes.

  • Good communication skills: a great idea has to be communicated, which can be enhanced by developing communication skills.


An example of an organization adhering to innovative cultures is Amazon; the tech giant has created some of its most lucrative products, including Prime Now, Amazon Go, and Alexa, by empowering every employee to innovate. The company does this using the format described as “a press release that outlines the vision for a product at launch, an FAQ that explains the customer benefits, and answers theoretical customer questions.” The ideas are continually evaluated and are also shared with other innovators at the company before receiving funding for launch. Through this system, the workforce at Amazon is imbued with curiosity and can tolerate failure to innovate. With inspiring leadership and effective corporate-wide communication, innovative culture takes hold in this big tech firm.

“Innovative Culture” will ensure businesses‘ continuous improvement; innovative thinking is not only a key to any successful innovation program but also A MUST in nowadays situations. When disruption is unavoidable for every business sector, one that innovates to stand out from the rest wins.

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