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From a Good Employee to a GREAT Leader

With the ever-changing market, leaders must now be more informed of ongoing situations than ever before. People are now able to acquire and exchange information quickly, and have the potential to become a prosumer due to technology advances. Therefore, leaders in the modern era must be able to determine which questions to respond to and which solutions are suitable for each problem.


In order to become a GREAT leader, individuals must start with the right mindset in terms of breadth and depth.

In breadth: be able to understand the bigger picture and identify key success factors that drive different businesses forward. In a world where business portfolios are increasingly diversified, leaders must shift from being a “specialist” to becoming an “expert generalist.”

In depth: have a thorough understanding of the issues at hand (i.e. incorporation of People and Planet) and know how to implement solutions that will lead to real change.


Regardless of your seniority level, here are four practical steps (4Cs) you can start practicing today, to become a GREATer leader tomorrow.

Clarity: always being clear in the midst of a world where unusualness is usual. For example, what are the exact steps you are going to take to tackle People and Planet issues?

Capability: being capable in various dimensions, whether it be in aspects related to finance, human capital, working processes, or knowledge sharing and strive for continuous development.

Consistency: do not go back and forth in what you say or do. Be consistent in your actions and know where you and/or your organization stands.

Community: create a community to cultivate an infinite relationship with customers beyond one-time purchases like in the past.

To discover the complete guide to becoming a GREAT leader, watch The Secret Sauce Good to GREAT series EP. 2 on Leadership Transformation here:

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