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2023 Davos overview

Today marks the beginning of the World Economic Forum's (WEF) 53rd Annual Meeting in Davos, where leading figures from public and private sectors worldwide gather to address global challenges and remedial actions needed. This year, the WEF comes with the theme of "Cooperation in a Fragmented World," reflecting the continuation of crises, including the pandemic, ongoing political conflicts, and the stagnant growth of global economies. All of these issues contribute to the fragile and fragmented global system, which calls for immediate international attention.


The meeting seeks global cooperation in the belief that current global crises are the manifestation of larger systemic deficiencies accumulated over time. The five main pillars, namely energy and food crises, inflation and economic growth, industry headwinds, social vulnerabilities, and geopolitical risks, will be discussed as part of the agenda with a purpose-driven focus in order to motivate tangible actions. The meeting will concentrate on identifying solutions through the "new system transformation imperatives" by situating the aforementioned main pillars in the world's rapidly changing context. This will facilitate discussions and solutions that take the issues' entire system into account instead of examining them superficially.


Systemic and interconnected problems—whether within organizations or in the larger society—cannot be resolved overnight or on a superficial level. Their solutions require taking a step back to comprehend the bigger picture of the issues, identifying areas that truly need tackling, and solving them systematically. For instance, an organization that wishes to shift its focus from Profit-centric to Profit, People, and Planet (the Triple Bottom Line) cannot do so by merely initiating projects that produce short-term results but are unaligned with its values and goals. Instead, it must identify the root cause and holistically address the mindset, operation, and communication dimensions.

From defensive to proactive, vision-driven strategies and policies, the 53rd WEF Annual Meeting will shed light on tangible actions for positive change for the entire ecosystem. Last year's CEO Strategic Dialogue was a GREAT opportunity where our CEO, Mr. Piyachart (Arm) Isarabhakdee, joined other leaders in discussing the business implications of the 2022 Annual Meeting. This year, as an active member of the Forum's community, BRANDi hopes to see how these dialogues will ultimately strengthen Cooperation in a Fragmented World.

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