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The Transition Tools for a GREATer World

In the face of unprecedented challenges over decades, the role and contribution of technologies might be different. Technology could be crucial in transitioning to a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive world.


At World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2023, panelists from the "Technology for a More Resilient World" session discussed the opportunities of technology becoming an accelerator of progress. They talked about Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse, 5G, ChatGPT, and Digital twins across multiple public and private sectors. The consensus was that humanity would continue seeing more tools that enhance their potential and create a globally interconnected society.


In a time of rapid growth and evolution, technology has become a potential tool to help us move closer to a sustainable future. If all business leaders are going in with the right and purposeful direction—considering beyond profit alone, all these technologies will be critical tools in this transition to a GREATer world. Many sustainable solutions may have a high upfront cost and require many investments, but they often provide long-term benefits, including saving energy costs, reducing raw materials used, or even improving organization productivity. This means that it will positively impact the people and planet and overall business performance.


However, panelists stated that there are some substantial transition gaps. Technologies of tomorrow are still dependent on the professions of workers. Preparing all the staff for the digital world is still a challenge. The rapid technological change requires an urgent global upskilling effort. Harmonizing new technologies, automation, and an upskilled workforce will be a must for the digital revolution in today's world.

The world today is changing on a daily basis. While technology can be a significant force in this transition to a better world, workers' skill sets and various needs must be considered. As for businesses, it is important for them to ensure that they are leaving no employees behind.

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