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Integrating Technology into Event Organization

How can world conferences be held sustainably and with the least carbon emissions? Solutions like Green convention halls and Net Zero aircraft have addressed significant pollutants. What about the minor things, such as the booth, table spot, and materials used for the event? According to the executive summary of the virtual platform sustainability study, physical events generate 36 times more emissions than virtual ones and enough electricity to power 619 houses for a year. As a result, event technology has emerged as a requirement to increase sustainability in the events sector.


Event Technology is any tool, app, or software that helps plan, execute, and measure an event. This includes but is not limited to ticketing and registration, access management, website builders, tailored registration flows, promo codes, and even tools for event engagement like mobile applications. Besides, tools such as virtual venues, in-session surveys, Q&As, chat channels, virtual applause and reactions, cross-device accessibility, and social network connections are becoming more popular with organizers worldwide.


Organizers also seek ways to reduce lodging emissions, which include charges for heating, cooling, lighting, and other energy sources. Event technology may offer information in digital form, whereas in-person events have traditionally relied on paper and disposable forms of communication like print banners & signs, paper brochures, etc. An example of this is Swapcard, an end-to-end platform that allows users to manage and gather data for all in-person, hybrid, and virtual events in one place. The program makes it simple for attendees and exhibitors to engage fully in the event by offering wayfinding, matchmaking, and tailored event scheduling. Additionally, mobile event software can assist with the transition from traditional print to digital materials like interactive digital schedules and maps, brochures, scannable QR codes, digital tickets, and programming.

Events that connect people remain essential for inspiring, empowering, and motivating people. Technology must be integrated to create the infrastructure and system services ideally suited to our purpose to advance the sustainability movement. Event technology is a tool that enables a more thorough, connected, and resilient approach to planning an event, boosting "going green" to minute details as a step toward sustainability; it is an illustration of how we can use technology by incorporating it into industries.

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