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How Green Architectures are Changing the World?

As the population rises, natural lands will be converted into cities and other human habitats. According to a World Bank analysis of urban development, about 7 out of 10 people will live in cities by 2050. What impact does an expanding urban population have? The natural filters of greenhouse gases such as CO2 are removed as undeveloped land becomes an urban setting. As a result, rather than having a solitary patch of greenery, an immersive and integrated approach like green architecture might be a way to cope with this urgent situation.


Green architecture aims to lessen the damage its constituent parts cause the environment through emissions, pollution, and waste. This includes incorporating technological innovation to reduce the negative consequences of building design, construction, and operation on the environment and residing communities and ensure their quality of life for many years to come.


One example of the ambition to create green architecture in an integrated approach that can impact the local environment is the Citicape House's living wall. A facade of 400,000 plants surrounds Citicape House, a building in the City of London in the UK's traffic-heavy district. The living wall was created by the London design firm Sheppard Robson to take the place of an old office building on the corner of the Holborn Viaduct. It can capture nearly eight tonnes of carbon and produce six tonnes of oxygen annually, enhancing the local air quality. Apart from that, the structure will be designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. It will have an exterior envelope with low U-values and efficient glass to reduce heat gain inside the building and renewable energy sources like air-source heat pumps.

As the population grows and issues such as climate change and air pollution become more severe, architectural design should consider sustainability. Integrating sustainable features with the infrastructure we must utilize might be one of the approaches that help accelerate our society to achieve our net-zero goal.

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