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Disability Inclusion in the Workplace

Many people may witness equity and diversity in the workplace being encouraged. However, one point remains: how many industries include people with disabilities in their diversity consideration?


Recent global trends suggest that workplace diversity and inclusion are actively and widely promoted. However, that typically comes in the form of gender, race, or religious diversity. Often excluded are people with disabilities—numbering at 1 billion or around 15% of the global population. According to the International Labor Organization, this demographic is more likely to be unemployed. Nonetheless, there is still hope. From the 2021 Disability Equality Index, the retail industry was ranked as the most disability-friendly sector, with Walmart receiving a score of 100%, followed by Target, CVS Health, Kroger Co., Meijer, and Walgreens.


Nowadays, it can be expected that the world's largest department store brands would increase their rates of hiring individuals with disabilities. According to its report, 5.3% of people with disabilities are employed in Galeries Lafayette, a luxury department store in Paris; this disabled employment rate will also likely increase in the future.

The noteworthy point is that this also carries business benefits. According to the Institute for Corporate Productivity's study, 75% of employers have rated their disabled workers as good or very good for their performance, such as work quality, dependency, motivation, and integrity. Consequently, the employers have reflected that hiring the disabled is good for the company's morale.

Businesses should no longer focus on themselves. People's values have changed with an increased emphasis on the community and the environment. At BRANDi, we emphasize the inclusion of People in the Triple Bottom Line—Profit, People, and Planet— in every brand. Doing good in business is always a crucial factor, which, in the end, not only leads to a sustainable business but also a GREATer world.


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