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Collaborative innovation to upscale partnerships

At the height of the pandemic, when the virus spread rapidly and affected everyone, the need for wide-scale cross-sectoral partnerships was reinforced. There was an urgent need to manage and mitigate an unprecedented viral from spreading quickly. With the pandemic now subsiding, lessons from the collaboration of various sectors, public and private, can shed light on the significance of scaling up innovative solutions to address any challenges and create sustainable development.


Partnerships can bring together diverse perspectives, expertise, and resources to tackle complex global challenges, including the recovery from the pandemic. Collaboration can help overcome the challenges of implementing new ideas by providing a platform for cooperation and communication between different stakeholders. Furthermore, partnerships can help to ensure that innovative solutions are accessible and equitable, reaching the most vulnerable and marginalized communities, which drives inclusive and sustainable solutions.


Creating new technologies, products, and services can help unlock new business opportunities and drive economic growth. This, in turn, leads to the creation of employment and improves access to information and education while supporting the recovery from the pandemic. All of which drive progress toward Sustainable Development Goals.


Multi-stakeholder partnerships can both alleviate the spread and help end a pandemic faster. For example, during the height of the coronavirus spread, communication was a significant factor of which to be aware. Miscommunication can cause dissatisfaction and social disapproval, potentially creating even more problems. Therefore, collaborating and using innovations can help make the correct understanding for the public. In terms of pandemic lessons learned, we can use innovation to prepare integrated data collection systems, and model libraries must be in place and regularly updated.

Multi-stakeholder partnerships are crucial to unlocking the full potential of innovation for a more resilient and inclusive recovery from coronavirus and achieving Sustainable Development Goals. By bringing together different perspectives and expertise, partnerships have the potential to drive progress toward a more equitable and sustainable future.

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