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The strategy for building a brand at the present time, then, has to be founded on brand actualization. Primarily, the brand must be able to define its own self-actualization which can be categorized into 7 areas and convey them through its 5Ps as shown in the picture.

To achieve this, it is critical to position the brand as a center in every business activity. At BRANDi, we call this fundamental “brand centralization”.

Purpose, People, Process,
Portfolio, Pivot project

At BRANDi, We Transform Your Good Brand

to a GREAT One. 

Through 2 major services that fulfill your brand in every single aspect. 

Brand Centric
Project Management



How BRANDi helps you?

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Better World Index or BWi is the global initiative framework created to help each entity realize their stages of betterment and combinatorial impact toward Profit, People and Planet (triple bottom line).

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  • BWi aims to close the gap between profit, people and planet in mindset and in action

  • BWi is fully customized for each entity to define one’s position and next growth

  • BWi couples good-deeds and good-profit into one

  • BWi aims to create a better world and betterment of each entity in the ecosystem with a belief of synergetic contribution and collaboration

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