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The Model of a Company’s Journey toward Net Zero

The fashion industry has a massive carbon footprint, producing 2.1 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, equivalent to 456,707,717 cars. This is primarily attributed to fossil fuels, which power factories, transport goods, and manufacture materials. Allbirds, a sustainable footwear startup, is leading the way in eco-friendly fashion, committed to measuring and reducing its overall environmental impact; its relentless focus on sustainability sets it apart from other fashion companies. In fact, the company has recently unveiled its groundbreaking innovation: the first net-zero shoes, which will be launched in 2024. This marks a significant milestone in the fashion industry's shift towards more sustainable practices.


One of Allbirds' core values is its commitment to measurable sustainability, achieved through a comprehensive life-cycle assessment (LCA) that tracks the environmental impact of its products from start to finish. With that, the company can measure the carbon emissions associated with every aspect of its production, including the energy used to manufacture materials and the transportation of the final product. Allbird's co-founder Tim Brown predicts that carbon footprint will become a critical factor in decision-making, similar to how some people count food using calories. This goes to show that Allbirds has taken a pioneering step by labeling its products with their carbon footprint in kilograms, enabling consumers to make tangible and informed decisions.


Allbirds and Adidas collaborated in 2019 to create the world's lowest carbon footprint shoe, weighing in at 2.94 kg Co2e, equivalent to half a hamburger. Allbirds is planning to launch M0.0NSHOT, the world's first net zero carbon shoe, in 2024. This innovative product is made possible by using regenerative wool from a farm in New Zealand and other sustainable materials, such as a carbon-negative sugarcane-based foam midsole and bioplastic eyelets. The packaging is also carbon-efficient and uses biofuel-powered ocean shipping and electric trucking for transportation. . Allbirds is now at the forefront of sustainable fashion with a deep commitment to transparency and the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profits. Using life-cycle assessments to measure their environmental impact, it sets a high standard for the industry. The company's dedication to regenerative materials, carbon-neutral products, and low-carbon transportation is a testament to its mission of creating products that are stylish, comfortable, and sustainable. Allbirds' innovative approach to transparency and sustainability inspires other companies to follow suit. This is an excellent example of how businesses can prioritize the health of our planet while still generating profits.

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