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Stakeholders in SDGs Development

As the member states of the United Nations to drive progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is essential to recognize the stakeholders involved in achieving them. The 17 SDGs aim to tackle critical societal issues and emphasize holistic and long-term solutions. In order to ensure success, it was recognized that all sectors of society and individuals in society need to cooperate to maximize efforts.


The UN categorized key societal stakeholders in today's society into "Major Groups," including but not limited to women, children, trade unionists, and indigenous people. Each of these groups represents sectors that are majorly or directly affected by each of the 17 SDGs, making their input and cooperation integral to achieving them. The SDGs' main goal is to create a future where "No one is left behind," making it all the more important to include stakeholders in conversations as they represent an essential voice.


The importance of these stakeholders being present in the conversation is not only for their input and knowledge but also serves as a way for accountability to be held in terms of measuring progress. As certain SDGs are put to the forefront, "Major Groups" and other stakeholders involved actively work in collaborations to oversee the implementation, projects, initiatives, knowledge sharing, and progress monitoring. To achieve sustainable development, cooperations across sectors and even governments are essential. However, not all goals are realistically attainable for all stakeholders. It is a portion of the stakeholders' responsibility to assess the situation while identifying and prioritizing the efforts of all parties. Additionally, Major Groups can inspire and bring more attention and focus toward certain actions.

Sustainable Development Goals are a notable objective that any organization or country can adopt; the issues they aim to tackle are vital to the sustainable evolution of society. Cooperation from stakeholders on all levels—from local to global—can make a significant difference. These stakeholders hold leveraging power and knowledge that, when put to use, can change the course of projects. Not only is cooperation and support from these stakeholders encouraged, it is needed to create the GREAT future we envision.

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