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Setting Clear Directions and Goals on a Countrywide Level

Having a direction and goal helps guide an organization’s focus and helps sustain the momentum toward what they want to achieve. Setting a vision, mission, and goal—which reflects on being more actionable through strategy and initiative—can be applied in many contexts. Whether on an individual level, organizational level, or even national level, having a clear direction in mind can be GREATly beneficial. Today we’ll focus on how setting goals and having solid management approaches can be implemented countrywide.


We may be familiar with success cases of businesses such as Google, Microsoft, and NASA, which set clear goals for their businesses. They can keep efficiency high by choosing strategies and initiatives that align organization’s direction. Now imagine if countries had a clear goal and direction; governments could allocate budgets efficiently and effectively towards long-term developments. These changes could mark a turning point in the country’s development, furthering growth and allowing countries still in the development stages to make leaps in progress.


Saudi Arabia is a GREAT example of implementing these suggestions countrywide. Vision 2030 is a unique and transformative economic and social reform plan that has opened Saudi Arabia to the rest of the world. According to HBR, the Kingdom has a long-term plan to diversify its economy, with goals like increasing small businesses' contribution to GDP from 20% to 35% and nearly doubling foreign direct investment. Monshaat, the country's Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) General Authority, proposes initiatives to promote a culture of entrepreneurship while setting policies and standards within the SME sector. One of the many opportunities from this year's Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) was a pitch that has, since its conception, led to more than 400,000 entrepreneurs from 200 countries registering. There is also clear evidence to reflect the program's effectiveness, with venture capital fund levels soaring and investment in Saudi Arabia growing by 72% last year, reaching a record of $987 million. By acting as a hub for innovation by cultivating startups, Saudi Arabia can draw in tremendous capital, becoming one of the many countries that triumph in leading economic development.

The precedent Saudi Arabia set should be an inspiring example of how countries are encouraged to act—not only to drive development in their own affairs but also to foster a level and maintain a competitive environment. As more countries join the mix with their own proposals and ventures, these ideas can spark GREAT inspiration, which could lead to global development.


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