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Positive Thinking VS Positive Energy

We often hear the phrase “surround yourself with positive people.” Of course, being around individuals who think positively can naturally influence others around them to take on the same characteristics. But is it enough to be a positive thinker or is there a level beyond that in which we should all be striving for?


Studies have shown that positive thinking or being a “positive person” is linked to various health benefits including reduced stress levels, lower rates of depression, and greater resistance to illnesses to name a few. In a workplace context, being a positive thinker could also translate to being willing to look for all possible solutions despite challenging situations, rather than questioning why the proposed solutions may not work. In another study with over 3,000 participants in 79 countries, positive individuals were found to be 108% more engaged, 50% more motivated, and 50% more productive in a workplace environment.


As a brand-centric management consultancy, our main service is of course to help clients’ find solutions to their problems. For each problem, there is bound to be a multitude of dimensions to it and naturally some will be more negative than others and vice versa. As GREAT consultants, we must be able to identify and acknowledge all of these dimensions and beyond that transform negative problems into positive solutions.

This is where the significance of the term “Positive Energy” comes in. At BRANDi, we certainly encourage positive thinking but even more than that, we believe every BRANDist should possess a Positive Energy in order to fulfill their role as a Talented & Trusted Partner who will be able to drive impactful solutions for clients. The word “energy” in this context signifies the ability and eagerness to strive for better results, not just for the individual themselves but through lifting others up in the process at the same time whether it be colleagues, clients, or any other stakeholders.

In addition to being led by culture, every BRANDist thrives by embodying our four Brand Traits –one of them being “Positive Energy.” When a BRANDist truly understands and manifests this powerful trait, we are confident that together, Good achievements can be elevated into GREAT ones.

As a brand-centric management consultancy, we will continue to publish FREE content responding to COVID-19 for ALL readers to help combat this global challenge.


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Don't worry, we don't like spam either.

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