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People-oriented Products

In producing products, most businesses focus on creating products or services of the highest quality possible for customers. Even though buyers have long placed a premium on quality, often, the items do not always meet consumer needs. Therefore, the idea of “People-oriented Products” that prioritize bettering the lives of customers and society, solving pain points with innovation, and committing to social issues is considered vital in creating products.


A customer-centric way of doing business is focused on providing a positive customer experience. Even when customers have widely adopted a product, it can still improve. For example, to solve the pain point customers face in using the typical sponge, Scrub Daddy, a reusable super sponge in an ergonomic shape, was created to clean both sides of kitchen utensils simultaneously. With the capability to rinse clear of debris and resist odors for up to two weeks, this product's sales are more than $209 million. Another example is the Simply Fit Board, a plastic balance board intended to help tone muscles and burn calories while improving your balance. It was sold for more than $160 million as it is the perfect solution for people who want to work out but don't want to go to the gym. These high sales are typically based on how products are created, which is "Customer-centric.”


To become a successful company, a business needs to move beyond focusing on simply generating profit to address fundamental societal needs through its business model. It must commit to social issues by paying attention to the beneficial things it can give back to people in society. For instance, Bombas, comfort socks, donates an item for every item purchased to organizations that help homeless people, as socks are the most needed item at homeless shelters. The company donated more than 50 million items to more than 3,500 community organizations. At the same time, its sales have reached over $225 million, with people being impressed with its mission to help people in society who are in need. To sum up, it is nearly impossible to be a successful organization without creating people-oriented products that prioritize customer needs and aim to enhance their experience through innovation, along with paying attention to improving the quality of life for people in society. Thus, when producing a product, it is crucial to look for room to improve the living of customers and community members.

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