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Future Food for Sustainability

Food is undeniably one of the essential aspects of human life. However, obtaining food products may have to come at the expense of continuously consuming resources to the point that there might need to be more left for future generations. As a result, the APEC 2022 meeting acknowledges the importance of utilizing technology and innovation to aid in the food production process and ensure the sustainability of future resources.


According to the UN, food shortages arise from the growing global population, which is projected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030. The global dilemmas of climate change and scarce agricultural land are other factors that will inevitably lead to the problem. As a result, technology plays a vital role in fostering food innovation by integrating itself into the production process of substitute raw materials. Furthermore, according to the National Food Institution, Thailand's future food market is valued at 91 billion Baht—an excellent opportunity for the food industry or startup businesses in Thai food innovation. Many companies in Thailand have used technology to operate their food businesses with more significant environmental and sustainability considerations while still achieving profitable results. For example, "Madjai" is a Thai startup that produces plant-based protein and sells its products in Thailand and neighboring countries. Major corporations such as CP have also developed the Plant-TEC innovation, a technique for making plant-based meat with as much of its original taste and texture and extending it to other food products within the company while promoting food sustainability. This is because, according to SCG, plant-based proteins use 47% to 99% less soil and 72% to 99% less water than meat production while emitting 30 to 90% fewer greenhouse gases.

If the entire world, including Thailand, constantly pushes for future food innovations by utilizing technology, this will not only provide consumers with more diverse food options but also add value to the food industry. Other than that, it will ensure that our world has enough food resources for future consumption, ultimately leading to food security for all of us.

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