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From VUCA World to BANI World

Many people probably know and understand the current world situation known as VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity). However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the world crept into a situation where even VUCA seems inadequate to grasp what is happening. This prompted the development of a new model. Enter “BANI” (Brittle, Anxious, Nonlinear, and Incomprehensible), a concept developed by Jamais Cascio, an American anthropologist, futurist, and author.


This transformation will occur rapidly. Numerous corporate successes are temporary and susceptible to constant disruption, whether it’s technology, business models, etc. Numerous people losing their jobs is a striking illustration of COVID-19. Nothing guarantees job security, and when technology acts as a catalyst or alters the nature of labor, the process continues uninterrupted. To be prepared to deal with “brittleness” in every situation, people and enterprises must make adjustments such as capacity augmentation, diversification, and cultivating a mindset with resilience—if one is fall, one must get back up quickly.


Information overload is the cause of anxiety. Not only that, it also leaves people vulnerable to indecision and powerlessness in times of pressure and tension. People feel dependent on the decisions of others, despite the fact that they may not be the best option for the common good. With the pandemic, it was clear that the business sector has issues that make decision-making difficult and frequently cause decision-making to be postponed for fear of making the wrong choice. Empathy and mindfulness are vital for coping with situations and reducing anxiety in a world with so much information, danger, and fake news.


No longer are things straightforward. Cause and effect are no longer applicable in all situations. You may encounter an example from COVID-19 with numerous forecasts for its end date; however, it often did not go as planned. Long-term planning doesn’t make sense anymore. The past is not always indicative of the future; therefore, adaptation is crucial. Continually monitor for developments. Develop your analytical skills to generate a viable alternative.


Searching for solutions in a world with too much information can be challenging. Today, we have an abundance of data which raise complexity and granularity. Though we may not have an answer to this, finding its solution is even more difficult. There are some things we may never fully know or comprehend. For instance, why is the post-COVID global economy less predictable when varied data from multiple channels are evaluated, a clearer picture will emerge step by step. It will be helpful and elicit higher-quality responses.

To clarify, BANI could be a circumstance that is not only volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous but also has an emotional influence on individuals, such as uncertainty, depression, and anxiety. This model was developed to give us a clearer image of the world in terms of managing many areas, such as businesses that require resilience, risk management, and flexibility. Likewise, individuals must have mindset that comprehend and are prepared to deal with ever-changing circumstances.

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