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Consumers’ expectation on brands to lead sustainable change

Consumers expect brands to be responsible for progressing global sustainability. According to NielsenIQ survey data, 46% of consumers want brands to lead in creating sustainable change. In the coming years, humanity will see the responsibility shifts for companies to prove their sustainability status as consumers take steps toward sustainability.


Customers are expecting businesses to lead sustainable change. Patterns from Google Search show that people are interested in sustainable activities that they could do with little efforts, such as recycling and using second-hand clothing. They are motivated by sustainable experiences that tangibly show them how they are helping the environment. This means that if brands provide them with options that encourage customers to participate in reducing their environmental impact, this will become a long-term opportunity to maintain customer relationships and raise the probability of gaining more market share. Those who are unable to provide sustainable experiences, on the other hand, may miss out on the chance to be one of the customer's tops of minds in the future. As a result, more actions showing the effort to lead the transformation to sustainability from every sector must adapt to their customers' environmental concerns.


With the aforementioned behavioral change, brands are urged to show practical ways to help the environment. Demonstrating shared values and assisting customers to act sustainably can make customers share a positive experience with six or more people. Enter Albert Hein, the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. There, single-use plastic is systematically banned due to shoppers' changed purchase decisions. Apart from that, some brands now allow customers to reduce carbon emissions by offering climate-neutral products. These are some examples of how businesses can start leading to sustainability by focusing on giving chances to shift people's everyday behavior.

Despite the anticipated growth in demand for concrete steps toward circularity to meet the sustainability goal, customers do not actually expect brands to achieve sustainability goals overnight. Instead, they want to know what brands are doing now to advance sustainability and expect them to offer the chance to change. That is what brands of today must prioritize.

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