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AI and Cultural Empowerment

With the enormous leaps in technological advancements in the past few years, AI technology, in particular, has become increasingly popular, especially in the workplace. A report from MIT Sloan Management Review, based on a global survey of 2,197 managers and interviews with 18 executives, identifies ways in which the implementation of AI contributed to cultural benefits at both a team and organizational level. Regarding improving team effectiveness and culture, 58% agree that they saw improvements in efficiency and decision quality after AI integration.


Of the respondents reporting the change, 87% reported an improvement in collective learning. Integrating AI as a tool for employees influences both what and how they learn. Rexel, a French energy company, used its "Next Best Offer" tool to aid vendors in recommending services based on their specific circumstances. Newcomers and veteran employees appreciated the AI in their way. Unexperienced employees were able to learn from it, while senior members could focus more of their time on more vital tasks. This led to a beneficial cycle of learning and teaching that resulted in new employees gaining valuable knowledge while veterans had more time to focus on challenging tasks.


Companies that efficiently incorporated AI into their work processes also noted improved clarifying responsibilities, employee morale, effective collaboration, and competitiveness. Within the MIT report, 65% of respondents saw improved clarity within their roles. AI integration can also help boost levels of competitiveness within organizations. The addition of AI enhances firms' ability to compete with both existing and new rivals in the industry. This shows that AI can be a handy and vital tool for businesses to build a GREAT organization.

There is a clear link between AI use and improvement in organizational culture. Organizations can use this new technological tool to strengthen their culture, both on a team and an organizational one. As more firms can integrate AI as a tool into their business, this will lead to a future where human employees can streamline their efforts and increase efficiency.

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