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Advancing Integrated Climate Action through Scientific Cooperation

At the 9th Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), discussions highlighted the intersection of science, technology, and climate action. Underscoring the critical role of STI in addressing the climate emergency and fostering sustainability.

Harnessing Science, Technology, and Innovation for Climate Action

The recent launch of the world's largest carbon-capture plant exemplifies this. Developed by a Swiss start-up, this pioneering effort in Iceland exemplified the collaborative approach and innovative solutions necessary for effective climate action. It underscores the integration of such advancements into broader sustainable development strategies, ensuring equitable access to transformative technologies.

Facilitating Technology Transfer for Climate Resilience

The need to facilitate technology transfer to developing countries to achieve a net-zero and climate-resilient future. This includes providing equitable access to climate-friendly technologies, empowering vulnerable communities to adapt.

Addressing Sustainability Challenges in AI Development

The sustainability challenges linked to the rapid expansion of AI models, notably their energy consumption in data centers. It's imperative to innovate solutions that minimize AI's environmental impact while maximizing its potential for climate action.


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