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4 Dimensions to become Talented & Trusted

At the beginning of the year, people are setting goals and planning their working directions for the whole year to come. This raises questions about how we should kick start our New Year and what we should do to get closer to our resolutions. At BRANDi, we believe that to become successful at work as a Talented and Trusted Partner, people should be able to excel in 4 Dimensions (4Ds)– Personal Performance, Rule Strictness, Team Contribution, and Cultural Empowerment. So, for those who still unsure where to start yet, let us introduce you to the GREAT List of 4Ds, the founding framework that, more or less, can help you become the GREATer version of yourself.


First things first, to deliver GREAT work for even GREATer achievements, one should bear in mind that it all comes back to themselves. To do as assigned and meet the standard is good, but that is not the definition of Personal Performance in 4Ds. The action that shows is the moment you voluntarily go the extra mile to complete each task, to not only finish it but to make it GREAT. Without Personal Performance, you are missing the foundation that constructs 4Ds and could further contribute to other dimensions including Team Contribution.


In today’s working environment, each company has its own rule and protocols—to varying extents depending on the culture. For example, at BRANDi, we prioritize mindset before skill sets and avoid limiting BRANDist’s potential with too many codes of conduct or specific instructions. Therefore, we tend to have fewer and mostly broader recommendations. For one company, Rule Strictness might work, but in others it might not. In the latter, Rule Strictness then is not only to stick to the rules but to do what is good for the organization and what should or should not be done. The abilities to pinpoint what is important, put detail into the work, and set up your own rule will make you reliable and outshine others.


Your contribution to teamwork will be different depending on what you think about being in a team—the competition or the collaboration. At BRANDi, we commit to building synergy among stakeholders and regard Collaborativeness as the new competitiveness in this business as unusual era. This not only applies to organizations but also to individuals where you cannot bring out the best when working solely, but rather together. Moreover, you must see “team” in the bigger picture; a team that is not one department or section, but the whole organization. As a result, you will not question when you should give people a hand and why because the answer would be whenever and why not. For the achievement of the entirety, you will not shun tapping into a project that you are not directly assigned. Ultimately, you will not even question what your position is in all of these since you are already indispensable to the team—and that is how you cultivate trust.


No group is going to thrive without the aligned understanding and actions of its members. Sparked from the smallest unit—an individual—culture is the formation of people who believe and act in the same way until their collective behavior turns into a belief system. For that, a strong culture is not restrictive and rigid, but rather one that is internalized by a group of people. This process will help gather the same type of people together by default. Cultural Empowerment, then, establishes as those people start to influence each other and empower others to adopt their ways of thinking. To drive this synergy, not only be someone who profoundly acknowledges what your organization stands for, but you should also shape and support your community to maintain the dynamic and enlarge for GREATer awareness.

To conclude, the GREAT List of 4Ds is an approach for those who want to do things differently and expect different results from years before. Now that you know what they are, take a moment to evaluate which dimensions you have been excellent in or can improve upon. Apart from the New Year guidance itself, we hope this GREAT List will help you become a Talented and Trusted Partner for your organization and contribute to the GREATer positive impact on society and the world.

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Don't worry, we don't like spam either.

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